About Us

BiPar Sciences is one of the only student recruitment agencies set up by doctors who graduated after studying medicine abroad themselves.

We experienced the application process first hand, via several agencies when applying ourselves. The idea of forming an agency evolved as a result of our dissatisfaction with the services provided, thus BiPar Sciences was born.

This is what makes us so unique: the ability to relate to our applicants. Therefore, we are best placed to understand the flaws in other agencies and constantly strive to address those issues. Here at BiPar Sciences we place students at the very core of our ethos.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide you with a package best suited to you, at a competitive price which you cannot find with any other agency. We provide our applicants with the best price possible. We offer complete transparency through a full breakdown of our costs, to ensure that you know exactly where your money is going.

BiPar Sciences’s Principle

Our student representatives at each of the universities ensure that our applicants actually have the continuous and ongoing support of our dedicated and friendly BiPar Sciences Team, available 24 hours. Unlike other agencies, student satisfaction is our top priority. At BiPar Sciences we go above and beyond expectations.

Key Of Success

BiPar Sciences is an agency which aims to connect aspiring students to their medical dream. We help secure a place at a reputable globally recognised university in Europe. These are universities that allow our students to practice medicine or dentistry in countries like the UK, USA and all over Europe.